RV TOTE TRAILERS are small portable trailers that allow you to easily dump and refill your RV without the hassle, time and expense of taking down, moving/driving your RV to a dump site, refilling and moving back to set up once again. RV TOTE TRAILERS are equipped with a large dump tank, fresh water tank, macerator pump, and fresh water transfer pump to accomplish quick and easy dumping and refilling of your RV. Weighing approx 290 lbs empty and approx 1050 lbs full, they can be towed by small cars, vans, golf carts, and even atv`s. For RV`s that are set on site for extended periods of time you don`t have to use your tow vehicle or drive your motor home saving time and fuel. Units are now available! Thank you for your time and interest.


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